Judge Laura

When I first graduated from Law School I had a job working for a Prosecutor’s Office in a neighboring county as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney. At that time most of my friends were married and had children. Most of them were homeschooling and so those were the topics that dominated all our conversations. Everything was about being a wife, homemaker, mother, about raising and homeschooling the children. I felt like the “odd man out” most of the time and was not sure where I fit in God’s big picture.

Then I discovered Mary’s radio program “The Christian Working Woman” . I felt like that was MY radio program, just for me! It really helped me see that I did have a place in the body of Christ. It came on in the mornings so I would listen to it on my way to work. I especially loved the “Fran and Jesus in the Workplace” shows. They would speak to specific difficulties one might encounter and discuss how best to deal with them as a Christian. I was the only female attorney in the office and needless to say encountered a lot of frustrating situations. I cannot tell you how many times I listened to the radio program on the way to work and then had a similar situation to deal with that day. Fran and Jesus got me through a lot of tough days!

I thank God for Mary Whelchel and her ministry. She helped me to mature in Christ and to embrace my role as a single working woman as my calling and my mission field. I am now a Probate/District/Family/Drug Court Judge and I can see God doing amazing things in people’s lives every day. I probably never would have had the courage to pursue such a position but for the wonderful foundation and encouragement that The Christian Working Woman built in my life so many years ago.