I have been working at the same plant and faithfully been listening to Mary every work-day for the last seven years. I felt like EVERYTHING Mary spoke of addressed the tough challenges I face at work! For example, like working with an impossible woman for the last 21 years, but with Mary’s advice through the word of God, I have been strengthened to press on every day and treat this woman with the love of Christ.  

So many times I have failed, but Mary always covered that part too. I remember she once confessed one of her faults as “people think I am nicer than I really am.”  I can relate to that – days when I am struggling to get along with other work people – my thoughts towards them are not always what my smile is showing. She has covered so many of the hurdles that I have faced and deal with because she strengthened me right before I walked into that locker room and faced, what seemed like for so long, the impossible co-worker. The Christian Working Woman gave me the spiritual food I needed every morning to start my work day out correctly.