It all began with a simple discussion with my boyfriend on how I can get a second source of income to supplement my wages. I am a working woman and all along I had been longing for a second source of income. I prayed to God about this and I am still praying. I then engaged my boyfriend in this discussion recognizing that we trusted each other well enough to put our heads together in to a joint project. Several options were explored and we settled on investing in a passenger transport vehicle business.

This idea was very appealing since he was already working in the public transport sector and because I was busy with employment obligations, it would be ideal that he was going to manage the daily operation of the vehicle. As an incentive we agreed on a management fee that would go to him as the business was picking up and how it would all play out.

With the business idea laid out I planned to take credit to finance this venture. Again through discussions and drawing on his knowledge on the sector he advised on how much a good used vehicle would cost, how much it would generate per day and how much I would need to state as the repayment rate per month going by the prevailing market dynamics. The deal was good and ready to be rolled out. I remember thanking God for having this guy I my life and seeing how much we could do together as a couple.

I went ahead and applied for credit and got the money. Since we had discussed all details, he had gone ahead and identified an appropriate vehicle that we could purchase and put all plans in place. When the money came, I handed the money to him for the purchase of the vehicle with verbal agreement that the ownership transfers and business account would be done in my name immediately after the vehicle had been purchased. Deal right?

We spent very good time the day before he went out to purchase the car and all was well. The vehicle was purchased and put to use immediately and that is when he changed in character. Suddenly the guy was not picking my calls neither did he want to meet me. The first day I dismissed it as one of his bad days since we were not living together, and I assumed he could be having his own frustrations. I gave it some time to cool down. Two days later my calls began to irritate him and his answers came with conditions of when and where we could meet. None of the meeting appointments was ever honored and that is when it donned on me that I had been conned.

I cried to God. I pleaded, I spent sleepless nights wondering how I was going to pay back the credit. What was most painful is that I had based all the transactions on trust, and there was no written agreement between us that I could use for a legal redress. I could only hold to my faith that God was my witness when I withdrew $8,500 from my account and carried to bank in his account. I fasted and prayed that God would intervene, that we would get to meet and talk so that I could get the vehicle back to no avail. I felt like I was watching money that I had taken on credit literally walk away from me and there was nothing I could do about it. Meanwhile the vehicle was on the road and I could see it daily meaning he was earning from it. I remember seeing the vehicle one day and I prayed to God and thanking him for showing me how helpless I was.

God never answered my prayer to have the vehicle back neither have I received money from the guy. It has been slightly over a year now but despite that prayer not being answered, I have seen the mighty hand of God in many ways. God opened ways for me to get an international job that made me leave my country at the height of that episode. I look back now and imagine how I could have been if I was to be meeting the guy every day in the small town where we both lived and seeing the vehicle on the road with passengers daily. God granted me the grace to pay back the credit from my employment income and I am almost completing the payment. I have experienced peace that can only come from God. But above all, I have come to understand the words of Isaiah 55: 8-9 in a very special sense of who God is: He knows even if I don’t know. I am yet to understand why it had to happen that way but I continually surrender to God.

I thank God for the daily inspirations and encouragement I have been receiving from you. May you remain blessed.