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My testimony starts way back in the 80’s when I was drinking and drugging and living on the streets. I went to jail was led to Jesus through a prison ministry missionary and my life has never been the same since. I almost went to prison for a minimum of 5 years. Instead I coppped to a drug court program for a year. I did very well with Jesus on my side!  I am NOT a recovering addict!  I am a “Delivered” addict!  Once I gave my life to Jesus He took all desires for drugs and alcohol away from me! Serious! There is no other way I could of gotten off the crack by myself!!  I subscribed to Christian Working Woman when I got a job and it has helped me out tremendously. I especially love the Jesus at work articles. I have actually used a few of the suggestions! What to do at work. I proclaim at work that I am a Christian and that helps me to be accountable. Someone is always watching to see if I “act”  like a “Christian”.  I don’t always but Jesus knows my heart and I do try.  The above picture is of me and my Dad the year he passed away in 2013. He knew I loved Jesus and I want to believe I helped him in his last days. When my mom says Deb your “lucky” I say no mom and it’s not luck it’s God’s blessings!  I think The Christian Working Woman is a fantastic way to get across the gospel of Jesus Christ! Thank you everyone at that organization for selflessly helping others!!