I have been putting off writing a testimony because I wanted to write something that conveyed my full thanks, but I am unable to put into words just how much Mary’s messages have meant to me. I can’t remember when I started listening to her program on the radio, but it is probably more than 20 years ago. When I could no longer get the messages on my local radio station, lo and behold, the ability to receive daily e-mail messages was offered! I was so glad that I could still receive Mary’s wisdom from God’s Word! I have been faithfully reading them ever since. For years I received the messages at work (along with Ron Hutchcraft’s daily e-mails), but I retired 2 months ago, and am now receiving them at home. I look forward to them each day! When I read one that seems like it would be an encouragement to someone I know, I forward it to them. I print the ones that I want to read again in the future. I also love the CDs that you offer. I have some of Mary’s messages, and some of the annual conferences. They are such a blessing – I just can’t begin to describe how helpful they have been. Many times when I come across a situation in my life, I remember what Mary teaches about it. I have been known to say to someone else, “Mary Whelchel says….”, and it is always helpful advice.

Thank you, Mary and everyone else at TCWW, for your wonderful ministry!