New Update: June 27, 2018

These are pictures of Sandra in Haiti who is working toward her goal of becoming a doctor. We have been helping her and her Mom and sister since the Haiti earthquake in 2010. Now, she is close to graduation, and working hard under difficult circumstances for her MD. Congratulations, Sandra. Our prayers and support are with you.

In this video, Mary explains how The Christian Working Woman is helping to support Sandra. And, you will also get to hear from Sandra as well.

SandraPicture for FR Dec 2013Sandra in her white coat

The Christian Working Woman is excited about an opportunity to help a future Christian working woman fulfill her dreams. Our donors have been very generous in supporting her and we are excited to say that the costs for her medical schooling will be covered.

Bernadette and her daughters  were assisted with financial support to build a new home from The Christian Working Woman after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti destroyed where they were living.

Bernadette continues to work as a housekeeper earning $70 a month.  Her girls continue in school by the grace of God.  Sandra, Bernadette’s oldest daughter recently graduated from High School and passed the French Baccalaureate exam, which is an extremely difficult exam that a small percentage of students pass, in order to qualify for University.  Sandra was one of those exceptional students who passed the exam with very good scores. She then took another difficult entrance exam to Universite Lumiere’s Medical School (A Christian University in Port-au-Prince, Haiti).  Again, she passed and was accepted in October.

Things like this don’t happen very often in Haiti.  People, and poor people at that, have very few opportunities to realize their dreams and go beyond just surviving from one day to the next. Sandra is an exceptional young girl (19), with a deep strong faith in the Lord. Her days start at 4am because she has to start with reading God’s word, meditating and praying.  She is dedicated and determined and God is opening doors for her. 

We will continue to receive updates from Sandra on how she is doing in School.  We will post those updates here. So please check back to see how God is working in miraculous ways in Sandra’s life.  We believe she is going to be a wonderful Christian leader in Haiti and can’t wait to hear the stories of how her faith is making a difference in the lives of those she comes in contact with through her field of work.

Sandra’s first language is not English and she went the extra effort to write us a very kind note in English thanking us for supporting her through school.   

 Good afternoon Mrs.

I’m so happy because I’m blessed by God. Everywhere I am I always say that I am blessed.

It’s a great opportunity for me because Christian Working Woman Ministry is helping me. Thanks to God and with all my heart I say thanks with all of you!

Let me tell me you that I have chosen Medicine because I love and I want to help people, and when I’ll become the doctor that I dream: taking care of people  will be a way for me to serve Jesus more and more.

I will study more and take advantage of this opportunity to become a great doctor.

Greet all the woman and friends for me please.

My mother and my little sister greet you and we will always pray for you.





Dear Mary,

Good Morning!  Just wanted to send you and Sandra’s supporters a little report.

I just visited with Sandra, her mom and sister and all is well, for the most part.  School for Sandra is coming along and she’s almost done with her first year of medical school!  It’s demanding, but she’s determined and is keeping up and hungry to achieve her goal.  In this she has been diagnosed with Helicobacter Pylori (Hpylori) which is an infection due to bacteria in the stomach or duodenum.   This bacteria can cause ulcers and possibly stomach cancer, but not a definite.  She can have this for the rest of her life and has to stay on medication to protect her stomach and keep this bacteria at bay.  We are trying to keep her meds on track and she seems to be doing better with tolerable stomach pain.  She needs to visit the eye doctor to see what is going on with her vision.  She studies late at night and so she’s having trouble seeing well at night.  She may need glasses and I pray that is the worst of it.

I ask that you would please pass this prayer request on to her supporters.  She needs a strong prayer support team as the enemy is working hard against her. 

Thank you so much.