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For anyone who frequently or infrequently struggles with discouragement, depression, or a runaway desire, or who feels like giving up, this study is designed for you. 

Most all of us face this struggle at some time, and too often as believers we seek help and relief in the wrong places and the wrong way.  God’s Word is replete with answers, comfort, guidance and hope for all of us, and our Wonderful Counselor is always available to us.

I wrote this study with the prayer that you will learn how to find the help you need in the Source that is all-sufficient—the written and living Word of God.


Lesson Four – September 29, 2020 at 7:00 pm (central time) on zoom. Discouraged People in the Bible ~ Elijah (part I)

Lesson Four Handout here.

Lesson Four Bible Verse Card here.  Psalm 62:1


Lesson Three – September 22, 2020 Zoom Call: Discouraged People in the Bible ~ Hannah ~


Lesson Three Handout Here

Lesson Three Bible Verse Card: 1 Samuel 2:2


Lesson Two – September 15, 2020 Zoom Call: Discouraged People in the Bible ~ David ~


Lesson Two Handout Here

Lesson Two Bible Verse Card: Psalm 142:1-2


Lesson One – September 8, 2020 Zoom Call: Is Discouragement a Sin?

Lesson One Handout for Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Click here for Scripture Verse cards to download and print (4 per page) for Lesson One – 2 Corinthians 10:4