July 2019

Dear Friends,  

Did you know that the invention of Post-It notes was the result of a failure and an accident?  

In 1968 an engineer at the 3M Corporation was trying to create a super-strong adhesive for building planes and his invention failed—the adhesive he created was a weak, pressure sensitive one.  But it turned out—quite a few years later—that another 3M engineer needed a way to mark pages in his church hymnal, so he took that failed adhesive invention and turned it into Post-It Notes! 

Now it is one of the top five best-selling office supply products in the world.  How did we function without them? You can find all the details online.

What a lesson this is for us who are Christ-followers.  You just never know what God is up to, and what may look like a failure today could be his way of preparing you for a miracle tomorrow. Failure is often the back door to success.

That’s why this verse is so relevant to our lives today:

Romans 8:28:  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Not we “guess” or we “think” or we “hope” that God works all things for our good, but we know! As you use these post-it notes, let them become reminders that often it takes time to reach your goal or realize your dream, but if it’s of God and for his glory, hang in there.  Expect that he is working for you, maybe in the background, but he’s there, working all things for your good.

My dream to begin this ministry was nothing more than a prayer for several months, until I decided in 1984 to find out how to create a radio program addressing faith-at-work issues.  I took the first halting steps and God opened doors and provided a pathway.  To his glory, next month we celebrate 35 years since that first broadcast.

A long-time listener to our program wrote:

Though I was never blessed to have a mentor as such, and though you and I will probably never chat over a cup of coffee, I feel that you have mentored me with scripture-based wisdom, guidance and instruction as I navigate traffic on my way to work and listen to your insights.

Thanks for your partnership in this ministry of mentoring and encouraging Christians to live out their faith where they work. 

We will send you a 35th Anniversary Post-It notepad (while supplies last), if you send us your name and mailing address in an email to: tcww@christianworkingwoman.org

I hope it will remind you to pray for us and to continue to support us so that we can continue to help many others—including you—“navigate” life through biblical instruction and encouragement.


Mary Lowman


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