September 2019

Dear Friends,      

If you google “Finding who you are,” you will get pages and pages from every imaginable source, telling you how you can discover the real you!  In our self-absorbed culture, many are continually searching for a satisfactory answer to the question: “Who are you?”

As a follower of Jesus Christ, we have a source much better than a google search to assure us of who we are, why we were created, and how unique and valued each of us is to our Heavenly Father–God’s Inspired Word. The enclosed card is something you can easily carry or display as a reminder of how God sees you and how he loves and values you.

I have a habit at the beginning of each of my Sunday classes in my church to ask this question: Who are you? And from the example of the Apostle John in his Gospel, the Sisters in Christ answer enthusiastically, “The one Jesus loves.” That is our identity, above everything else about us, because it makes all the difference to know and live in the truth that you are the one Jesus loves.  I encourage you to say this to yourself first thing every morning and repeat it all through the day.

Because of the technology available today, our ministry crosses boundaries and oceans and reaches all parts of the world.  Recently a woman from Malawi in Africa emailed how it has been a blessing in her life:

I have followed Mary since 2003 when I was in USA during my studies.  For a long time I was thinking how I would motivate women in my country to have a similar program.   I’m happy to inform you that I have managed to mobilize 64 women who meet online and we have a devotion sent to the group through WhatsApp.  Additionally I have created a seven-woman team as a prayer group and we set every Wednesday as prayer and fasting and it’s done online.  All this being inspired by Mary.

There is benefit in simply persevering in what God gives you to do, and as we have stayed faithful to God’s Word for these past 35 years, God has multiplied our ministry many times over.

Thanks for your support.  I embark on year 36 with great anticipation and excitement as to what God has in store for us now. 

Grace and peace,

Mary Lowman

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