September 2020

Dear friends,

As a career woman, a professional musician, a Bible teacher and a Mom and Grand-mom, Duchess has made The Christian Working Woman one of the staples in her very busy life. Our daily devotionals have helped her to “walk worthy of her calling,” and encouraged her again and again. You’ll love her South Carolina accent as she tells why she continues to support this ministry.

The purpose of our ministry is to encourage, equip and empower Christians in their workplace. We are starting a new initiative and naming our consistent contributors as E3 (encourage, equip, empower) partners.

Will you consider partnering with us and giving to The Christian Working Woman on a monthly basis? 

Many of you are already our E3 partners and we are so grateful for your support.

By partnering with us, it allows us the opportunity to continue and expand the ministry in the USA and Internationally! Here are some ways that your consistent support facilitates this ministry:

  • Since April 2020, over 600 women have participated in our free monthly get-together Zoom calls featuring women who inspire, educate and encourage us. These are also recorded and available on our website.
  • Mary began a regular Bible study each Tuesday evening on Zoom and currently over 160 women are participating.
  • Our programs are broadcast on over 400 radio stations and on podcast as well six days a week.
  • Our daily encouragement devotionals go out to over 5,000 people every week day – Monday through Friday.
  • These daily devotionals are now on our website in Spanish and also on podcast.
  • We send out an e-newsletter each month to over 4,000 people.
  • We offer free resources on our website to help you grow on your spiritual journey.
  • We are growing our followers on social media: currently we have over 11,000 followers across our platforms.

If you see the value in what we are doing and would like to be a part of this growing ministry, please consider becoming an E3 Partner today!

Here’s how you can join and become an E3 Partner:


Mary Lowman


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