April 2020

To our friends and supporters:

This April is like no other we have faced in the 35+ years of our ministry.  So, our monthly letter to you will take this electronic form, mainly to save time and money.

Like many of you, we are doing as much work from home as possible, abiding by the social distancing guidelines, and praying for the day we can return to our “new normal.” I’m praying that new normal for me and you, as Christ-followers, will be a renewed commitment to what is eternally important, and a new freedom from our attachment to the trivial things of this world.

We had to cancel our Weekend Getaway, which has been our major event for 31 years.  This was heartbreaking for us because we know how God uses it in so many lives for his glory. We hope to use the same plan intended for this year for our 2021 Getaway, April 16 – 18.

Be assured that we are not on pause, but we are on mission, redeeming this time and making good use of the opportunities we have because of this pandemic.  We are finding ways to increase our ministry outreach using new tools—such as our weekly e-prayer calls, our Prayer Pairs program, my Facebook Live weekly Bible studies, and some upcoming e-meetings using Zoom.  Other ways to support you are on the planning board, and you can keep up with this on our website, christianworkingwoman.org.

We depend on the support we receive monthly from you—it’s just that simple.  If you regularly support us, I pray you will be able to continue to do so.   I’m committed to keep the staff on their regular salaries as long as funds are available, in addition to our other operating expenses.

My Dad was a very simple blue-collar worker all his life, but he had the gift of giving and he loved to give to God’s work.  He would often say to me, “Hon, you can’t out-give God,” and this is a time for all of us to prove that true.  You reap what you sow, so if you’re facing some financial hardships too, sow generously and watch how God will meet your needs. My husband and I are determined to give more during this time to a God who will never let us “out-give” him. 

Thanks for helping us in any way you can.  Please pray for us, and be assured we will continue to pray for you.

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Thank you sincerely,

Mary Lowman

PS: We want to offer special support to those working in hospitals, grocery stores, law enforcement, and other public arenas.  Please let me know if that describes you or someone you know.  Email:  tcww@christianworkingwoman.org


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