May 2017

Dear Friend,

We’ve just completed our 29th Annual Weekend Getaway with almost 400 women from various parts of the country. Our theme was Unshakable Peace, and we were reminded again that peace is not the absence of storms or stress or pressure. The peace that Jesus gives is peace that passes understanding and is constant even when we’re in the midst of all that life can sling at us. The world’s kind of peace is dependent on circumstances—when everything’s going right then there’s peace. But Jesus gives us his peace, which transcends the circumstances of our lives.

Dorothy Neighbor, who has been on my staff for 16 years, is retiring May 4—not because she really wants to retire, but because her husband, Greg, has been diagnosed with a rare kind of brain tumor and they want to have as much time together as possible. As we watch Dorothy and Greg walk this difficult journey, we’ve observed firsthand the kind of peace that Jesus gives. They are an inspiration to us, as they are trusting God for all the days ahead, wherever this path leads.

My deepest thanks for your support of our ministry. You keep us going!

Grace and peace,

Mary Lowman


PS: If you’d like to send an encouraging word to Dorothy, please do so at or mail it to us here. We’ll make sure it gets to her.



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