April 2018      

Dear Friend,

Hope changes everything!

Imagine Mary Magdalene, as she goes to the tomb, her hopes crushed, expecting to anoint a dead body.  But instead, she finds an empty tomb.  Her hope is now alive—and hope changed everything for her.

Have you ever considered how crucial hope is in your life?  The Bible says: “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure” (Hebrews 6:19).  It’s the anchor to which our faith in Christ is firmly attached—the firm and secure hope of eternal life with Jesus because of what he has done for us.

I think we just take hope for granted without realizing how essential our hope is—that is, until life takes a turn for the worse and we feel hopeless.  Is that where you are today?  In a world that offers no hope, have you forgotten that your hope in Christ is firm and secure?

I want to encourage you to remember that if you have placed your hope in Christ, that hope has indeed changed everything for you.  In your uncertain situation, your hope in Christ gives you stability and confidence because you know that the last chapter has been written. You know the end of the story: Jesus is alive and ever lives to intercede for you, to prepare a place for you in Heaven to give you eternal hope.

Our theme for our upcoming Weekend Getaway is Overflowing Hope, and a woman who recently registered told of how she decided to invite a friend to join her.  She wrote:

So I invited her.  She accepted, saying, “If you had asked me earlier, I would have said ‘no’ just because life is busy.  But last weekend, two different people spoke the word ‘hope’ over me.  I

think I need to go to this conference.”

I want to speak hope over you today, and so I’ve included this card as a reminder of the truth that hope changes everything!

I thank you for your financial support of our ministry.  We continue to depend on people like you who believe in what God has given us to do and want to partner with us.

With a hope-filled heart,

Mary Lowman


PS:  I hope you will join us for our 30th Weekend Getaway, April 20 – 22 here in the Chicago area.  It’s not too late to register at christianworkingwoman.org/events.


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