July 2020

Dear friends,

I’ve noticed that one of the unexpected outcomes of this pandemic is that we as Christ-followers seem to be more willing to break out of our comfort zones and reach out to people with the love and care of Jesus in creative new ways.

For example, a friend organized an outreach to the widows in her church, taking beautiful gift bags to widows, women who were feeling the isolation very acutely.  Another friend has stayed in touch with some children in our church on a weekly basis, sending the Sunday school lesson they would have had at church and giving them cards to write notes to first responders and the police who are headquartered near our church.

In his book, Outlive Your Life, Max Lucado talks about “letting God unshell you,” meaning letting God break through the convenient and familiar shells we often crawl into that cause us to miss the needs of people all around us—people we can touch with the love of Jesus if we let God “unshell” us.

Max is an author always worth reading—combining biblical truth with a gift of crafting words that is unique.  This book will touch you and give you practical challenges to Outlive Your Life, because you were made to make a difference.

We’re making this available to you for a donation in any amount.  The book will truly bless you and you will bless our ministry by requesting your copy with your donation.

One friend recently wrote:

Thank you so much for all the spiritual nourishment and encouragement you have given me over the years.  I love the Zoom Bible study. . . I’ve been re-listening to some of the CDs from your weekend getaway . . . May God richly bless you and your ministry!

Spiritual nourishment and encouragement is what we’re all about.  We try to find as many ways and avenues as possible to help  you grow in your love and commitment to Jesus Christ—to know the abundant life Jesus came to give us. 

Thanks for helping us continue as we enter our 37th year of ministry.


Mary Lowman


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