October 2018

Dear Friends,

I imagine you know what hoarding is—perhaps you’ve seen one of those hoarding reality TV shows. I recently read a thought-provoking article by Eric Metaxas of Breakpoint about Christian hoarding where he points out that we, as Christ-followers, can become hindered and handicapped by our hoarding of this world’s “stuff.” His words caused me to admit that I care too much about stuff—I want too much, and I have too much!

I have always avoided typical fundraising for this ministry, and instead have endeavored to send donors like you something each month that will encourage and inspire you.  And for thirty-four years, God has graciously met our need through our donors.  But I am reminded that the Bible says “you have not because you ask not,” so I’m flat-out asking you for help this month!

We would love to do a much better job of ministering through various electronic means available, and we are making plans to do that even now, specifically using more video. But it does cost money! It’s a bit of a “catch 22”, because most people think the ministry they receive electronically is free, therefore our donations decline, and yet as we expand this outreach, our costs increase!

Here’s a sampling of our costs for our electronic outreach:

  • Video shooting/editing
  • Hiring a webmaster
  • Producing and editing broadcasts
  • Hosting our website
  • IT computer services

Can you help us?  Eric says—and I agree—that how much you give to God’s work is between you and God, but he makes this point: “What I can tell you is that, if our giving doesn’t hurt at least a little bit, if it doesn’t curb our seemingly insatiable urge to hoard, then it probably isn’t enough.”  Join me in asking God to curb our insatiable urge to hoard so we can do more for God’s work—storing up treasure in Heaven instead of on earth.


Mary Lowman

PS:  You will find his complete article at http://www.breakpoint.org/2018/09/breakpoint-christian-hoarding/


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