November 2019

Dear Friends,      

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for me to express my sincere thanks for your support of our ministry. May your gifts to us be returned to you in running-over measure, as Jesus promised and as only He can do. (See Luke 6:38.) 

Overflowing with thankfulness is a phrase I’ve taken from the passage in Colossians 2 to remind me that each day as a Christ-follower I need to be intentionally full of thanks for everything, small and great.  When something overflows, it spills onto the things around it. So, when we overflow with thankfulness, it has a noticeable effect on those it touches.

Remember that being thankful is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction. We have created a verse card (click here) that will be a good reminder for you to overflow with thankfulness everyday—including Thanksgiving.


Mary Lowman


PS:  You can now register online for our 32nd Annual Weekend Getaway, April 17 – 19, 2020



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