May 2019

Dear Friends,   

Often I say to myself, “Aren’t you glad you have more to do today than you can get done?” It’s my way of reminding myself to be thankful for my full and busy life instead of complaining about having too much to do. It continues to be a very helpful habit for me.

But there’s a limit to being too busy and jumping through too many hoops. Finding that elusive balance between doing what God wants you to do and learning when to say “no” is an on-going challenge for most of us—certainly for me. In a pamphlet titled, Crazy Busy, it points out some of the dangers of too much busyness. Here is a sampling of the wisdom you’ll find there: 

  • Busyness robs spiritual vitality from our hearts.
  • Busyness covers up the rot in our souls.
  • Opportunities we encounter often feel like obligations.
  • It isn’t work itself that’s bad busyness, but working hard at the wrong things.

It takes about ten minutes to read it, but it could be the best investment of ten minutes you’ve ever known. I trust it will challenge and help you as it has me.

Recently Kelly from Alabama expressed how our daily email ministry is helping her:

Your emails have been so beneficial and uplifting for me. The daily messages always hit home and are helping me think before I speak. They also remind me to try to see others as God sees them. Thanks so much for your guidance in living the Christian life.

That is an encouraging confirmation that our mission—to equip, encourage and educate believers in the workplace—is being accomplished in the lives of many, many people all over the world. We are able to continue because of people like you who support and pray for us.

Thanks ever so much. You can request a copy of the pamphlet, Crazy Busy, mentioned in this letter, by dropping us an email: 


Mary Lowman

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