January 2021

Dear Friends,

As this New Year begins, we all have hopes that 2021 will bring some sanity back into our lives.  We’ve come through a year like no other, and we’re praying it will never happen again.

In this month of January, we need to focus our minds as never before on who we are and what we have because we are followers of Christ.  For that reason, I want to send you this amazing book, The Indwelling Life of Christ: All of Him in All of Me.  The author, Major Ian Thomas, may be a new name to you, but I first read his book 35 years ago, and it had a major impact in my life—as indeed it has on many thousands of others.

The focus of this book is “We cannot live the Christian life on our own or by our own strength, and Jesus says, I never said you could. I always said I would.”

I want you to read this book at the beginning of the New Year because it will give you the perspective you need for the year ahead—a year in which we still don’t know when life will settle down to its new normal. 

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Your support is essential, and I’m very grateful for your partnership.

Blessings in the New Year,

Mary Lowman


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