I’ve noticed how easy it is for us women to make wrong decisions when it comes to men.


Bathsheba’s decision to have an adulterous relationship with King David was a very wrong decision. Was she intimidated by his authority? Or could she have been immensely flattered by his attention?

We need to be aware that we women are often prone to make very bad decisions when it comes to men. Our natural desire to have a husband and family can become an obsession that causes us to lower our standards, overlook obvious danger signals and end up in illegitimate relationships or wrong marriages.

I remember when a friend informed me of her engagement, and I rejoiced with her. She said, “He was well worth waiting for.” She was in her early thirties and had watched friends and family members much younger than her get married. There were times of pain and loneliness, but now she is so grateful that she waited for the right man that God had for her.

I urge you to be extremely cautious about relationships with men. Don’t make decisions based on your emotions or your needs. The consequences of those wrong decisions affect the rest of your life.

I’ve pointed out three women in the Bible who made wrong decisions, and they had to suffer the consequences. For Eve, it was banishment from Eden and a perfect life. For Sarah, she ignited an animosity between races that still troubles our world today. And for Bathsheba, she lost her good husband Uriah, whom David had killed. Then she lost the baby she and David conceived.

Decisions always bring consequences. And when we don’t make good decisions, we cannot expect to avoid the consequences.