I have really great news for those who are out there in the workplace every day: If you’re a disciple of Jesus Christ and if you belong to the family of God, you have an incredible advantage in the workplace. You have a tool to use that guarantees you a leg-up in every situation you face. You have a weapon to fight with which is totally effective against any problem you encounter. Here’s your secret weapon, your great advantage: Prayer!

Have you been taking advantage of prayer on your job? I find that many believers don’t really pray about their jobs or while on their jobs. Do you?

I want to point out some of the advantages you enjoy when you pray about your job.                       

Your day goes better with prayer.

Since your day is won or lost in the morning hours, when you pray before your day begins, you have a great advantage all day long. In Proverbs 3:6 we read “. . .in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Before your day begins, if you will acknowledge the Lord and seek his guidance for every detail of that day, your path will be straight, no matter what happens.

Those who don’t know the Lord must try to take care of everything in their own strength. As a result, they worry about the unknown and the uncontrollable. However, for those of us who know Jesus as Savior, he carries all those burdens, so we have an immense advantage.

Do you start your workdays with prayer? If not, you’re depriving yourself of many benefits. I encourage you to begin this discipline right away. You might even use commute time to pray—provided you can be focused during your commute.

Think through the day ahead. Pray for the people with and for whom you will work. Ask God for wisdom in dealing with them, and pray for their individual needs as you know them. Think about the schedule and workload you have for the day. Ask God for strength to get it all done, and for help in setting appropriate priorities. Pray that your words will be carefully chosen, and that you will speak the truth in love.

If you will cover your day in detail with prayer, you will see miracles—big and small. It gives you a marvelous advantage!