Did you ever look around you on your job and see how many of your coworkers are just trudging through their job, hating every minute of it, and griping and complaining about it all the time? That’s not an unusual scenario. However, as a Christian, you have a marvelous advantage over those you work with who don’t yet know Jesus as Savior. Do you know what that advantage is? It is the power of prayer.

Your job can be transformed into a ministry.

The Bible teaches us that we can do everything we do to the glory of Jesus Christ. Even those mundane, perhaps boring elements of your job—those things that don’t appear to have any eternal significance—can be transformed into meaningful activity through prayer.

Here’s how this works. You begin praying about every aspect of your job and every person you deal with in your job. You ask God to bring glory to himself through your performance on your job. As you face each individual day, you pray for the agenda for that day, praying that you will be a good ambassador for Jesus Christ throughout the whole day. You ask God to use your words, your body language, the quality of your work effort, your attitude, and all your interactions with people as lights in a dark world.

When you start praying like that on a daily basis, you will discover that God begins to use you in ways you can’t even imagine. People will ask you the most incredible questions that give you opportunities to share your faith. Others in need of comfort will talk to you, giving you opportunities to listen and show compassion. You’ll discover that mundane activity turns into meaningful conversations or quiet prayer meetings with you and the Lord.

Then instead of dreading that job, or wishing you didn’t have to work there, you’ll begin to realize that God has a higher purpose for putting you there. Instead of just going to work every day, you’ll know that you’re going to a place of service, a ministry in the midst of the marketplace.

Now that makes it much easier to go to work each day. It all begins with daily, on-going prayer on the job. It’s an advantage beyond belief. Don’t let it pass you by!

I have written and published a Prayer Journal, and you may find that helpful in developing a deeper prayer life.