How would you describe the quality of your work, of your relationships, and of your walk with God? I’m examining why so many of us are willing to live in mediocrity.

What about your job? Is your performance just mediocre? Most companies have appraisal systems which rank employees in categories like, “Always exceeds the requirements of the job;” “Sometimes exceeds the requirements of the job;” “Meets the requirements of the job;” and “Fails to meet the requirements of the job.”

“Meets the requirements” is mediocrity. Ask yourself this: Do I really extra-mile it on my job? When I see a better way to do something, do I go for it? Am I looking for things to do beyond the job description, or do I just get by?

Don’t you think Christians should strive to exceed the job requirements? Mediocrity is unacceptable to God in our job performance as much as anything else, for we know that we are accountable to God for everything we do, including our work. He is our ultimate Manager and he will review our performance on the job—he’ll want to know why we settled for mediocrity.

What about your relationships? If you’re married, are you settling for a marriage that is just okay? You get along; you’re not talking or thinking about divorce; but is your marriage simply mediocre? All those other relationships which are important to you—do you put effort and time into them so that they are above average and bring much more into your life and theirs, too? Or do you just live in that rut where things go along as usual—not terrible, not great, just lukewarm?

What about your walk with God? Does it ever get above lukewarmness? You go to church, you say the right words, you read your Bible occasionally and pray sometimes. But how often do you soar on spiritual wings, knowing the power of God in your life, seeing answers to prayer and knowing that God is using you in the lives of other people?

God would rather have you cold than lukewarm. Now, that may surprise you, but you see, as long as you stay lukewarm, you’re not likely to change. Lukewarm isn’t terribly uncomfortable. People don’t hassle you a lot when you’re lukewarm; most everyone else is lukewarm so you’re not that different. Therefore, God would rather have you cold because at least then you might wake up and realize that you’re cold and dead and you’ll do something about it. We tend to linger in that lukewarm state much too easily.