I think it’s so important for us to break down the walls between singles and marrieds, and start supporting and encouraging each other more. An article in “Today’s Christian Woman” magazine brought this issue to my mind, which is why I’ve shared suggestions of things you should never say to a Christian single. Now I’d like to finish on a positive note by sharing some things singles love to hear.

It’s very encouraging to a single Christian to hear statements and questions like the following:

“Tell me about your job.”

In too many gatherings, especially with women, conversation centers on husbands and children. Single women feel left out. Singles love to get the chance to talk about the important things in their lives. Ask them about their job and what their dreams are—about their hobbies, too! Singles enjoy hearing about your family, but they’d like equal time once in a while. It’s another way of saying, “Your life is just as important as mine,” which, of course, it is!

“Sometimes I envy you.”

Often singles express their envy of the married lifestyle, but you can help a single see and celebrate the good things singles have by reminding them once in a while that you envy singles, too!

“God is big enough.”

Many times, when singles look around, it seems certain that they’ll always be alone. Remind the singles you know that our powerful and loving God is much bigger than our circumstances. Tell them about the miracles in your life, where God has intervened in your impossible situations. Help the singles you know to focus on God.

“Do you want to go shopping with me on Saturday?”

Or, “Would you like to come over for dinner next week?” Or “Would you pray for me about this issue?” In short, anything you can say that would allow that single person entrance into your life. Ask them to be a friend; they’d love it!

As I mentioned earlier, I was single for over 40 years before I was married a couple of years ago. During those years, my very best friend was a married woman who led a very traditional life as wife and mother. Though our lifestyles were pretty much opposite then, she and I were best friends for over 40 years. Our friendship broke down that unnecessary and harmful wall that is often erected between married and single people. We have so much in common and so much to give to each other. Let’s reach out to each other in new and loving ways. The Body of Christ will be strengthened if we do.