How do you keep your spirits up and thrive in an often-discouraging time of your life?

It’s important that you define success each day in smaller, attainable goals. Instead of thinking that success is finding a job, think that success is making the number of networking calls you planned to do, finding a new person to add to your network, learning some additional information about the marketplace, getting an appointment or an interview. It’s really important that each day you know you moved the ball down the field a little bit, as you try to find the right job.

Remember that you are sowing seeds, and the more seeds you sow, the better your harvest will be. We reap in a different season than we sow, so don’t be discouraged if all you did today was sow seeds and you haven’t seen any results yet. If you keep sowing seeds, you will reap a harvest at some point.

Then you also need to do some things that will help you cope—you need some self-care. What would that be? Some ideas are:

  • start or restart a hobby you enjoy
  • volunteer
  • offer to tutor a student who needs help
  • start an exercise program you’ve always meant to do
  • take some courses that will make you better prepared


It’s very important that you don’t neglect the disciplines that will keep you looking good and feeling good and mentally sharp.

(We have a pulled together some resources that will be helpful for you in your job search.  Click here to download the pdf.)