What you sow you reap. You’ve undoubtedly heard that before, but it’s a most important principle we all need to understand because each day we are sowing seeds which later will yield a harvest like the seed itself. We’re looking at the three principles of sowing and reaping, and that’s the first one: You reap what you sow.

The second one is you reap more than you sow. Obviously if you’re sowing good seeds, that’s very good news. But if the seeds you’re sowing are not the right ones, then you need to be aware that the harvest for that bad seed will be plentiful in a negative way.

The third principle of sowing and reaping is that you reap in a different season than you sow. Many of us forget this. We need to keep reminding ourselves that just because we don’t see the results of our actions today doesn’t mean we won’t yet reap that harvest.

Perhaps you’ve been sowing good seed for a long time and it doesn’t seem to get you anywhere. Maybe you’re discouraged and thinking that it doesn’t do any good to try to do things right. Asaph felt that way in Psalm 73, when he laments the fact that while he’s trying to live a godly life, it brings him nothing but trouble; all the while those who are snubbing their noses at God seem to be doing just fine. But Asaph forgot this principle—that we reap in a different season than we sow.

Notice that by the end of the chapter, he has an entirely different perspective. He says, “It troubled me deeply till I entered the sanctuary of God; then I understood their final destiny. . .Those who are far from you will perish. . .But as for me, it is good to be near God” (Psalm 73:16-17,27-28). He finally remembered that we reap in a different season than we sow.

You may not see the results of your righteousness right away, but you must never doubt that God will give you a good harvest in due season. When is due season? Well, often it’s further away than we would like. But remember, God has the times and seasons in his hands and you will reap the harvest.

Also remember that if you’re sowing seeds of sin and disobedience, you may not see that harvest for a while—you may be thinking that you’re getting by with it. But be assured of this: You will reap what you’re sowing. The season for harvesting will come as surely as night follows day.

Three important principles: You reap what you sow. You reap more than you sow. You reap in a different season than you sow. Remember those; I think they’ll help you.