I wonder, have you been planning to change some bad habit in your life because you know it’s not good for you, but you just haven’t done it yet? I’ve explored some everyday disciplines which make a huge difference in your life: getting up early, being organized, staying on task and finishing the job, and working hard. Without these basic disciplines, you are causing yourself a great deal of stress and harm, and missing so much.

I want to examine the most important everyday discipline for a Christ-follower:

  • Spending Daily Time Getting to Know God

This discipline is of such importance that a few minutes discussion is not adequate. On the other hand, I must point out how essential this discipline is in any believer’s life. Do you have a time set aside daily to focus on God’s Word and spend time alone with him in prayer?

Unfortunately, this “daily devotions” time, as we’ve come to call it, has too often taken on the feeling of a duty rather than understanding what an incredible privilege we have to get to know the Living God! Just to think that the God of all the Universe indeed wants to have a personal, growing relationship with you—doesn’t that blow your mind? But you cannot get to know God—or anyone else for that matter—without setting aside time for that purpose.

This should be the foundation of all our other disciplines. If you need discipline in more than one area, I would urge you to work on this one first because it will empower you for the other needed disciplines in your life. Prayer is so important for adding needed discipline, so begin by establishing a definite time of prayer each day so you can then start praying about the discipline you need in other areas.

I encourage you to start small and grow this daily time with God. Maybe you could start by setting aside 20 minutes each day, preferably early in your day. If you get that discipline established, I firmly believe you’ll start to see such beautiful changes in your life that you’ll increase the time commitment. Spending time in God’s presence is life-changing. I truly believe you’ll get hooked on this discipline if you can just get it established long enough to realize the benefits.