Are you tired of always being defeated by your spiritual enemy? I want you to know that we have everything we need to be victorious, if we will just learn to be prepared. When we’re prepared for the enemy, he shakes his head when we wake up each day and says, “Oh, no, she’s awake!”

Ephesians 6 gives us clear guidance on being prepared for our enemy:

We have to put on our spiritual armor each day.

Have you learned to put on the armor of God? Do you even know what it is? Let me encourage you to get very well acquainted with Ephesians chapter 6 and literally put on the armor.

What is that armor?

  • The helmet of salvation helps us bring our thought life under God’s control as we learn to think biblically.
  • The breastplate of righteousness protects us from Satan’s attempts to lay guilt and condemnation on us. When we know we have the righteousness of Jesus protecting us, we aren’t susceptible to his tactics.
  • The belt of truth reminds us that we need to know truth, have sound doctrine, and stay clear of anything that is not totally honest and truthful.
  • The shoes of the gospel of peace means we are prepared to keep marching no matter what the conditions, because with peace on our feet, the environment doesn’t stop us.
  • The shield of faith defends us from everything the enemy throws at us. This means simply learning to trust God more and more, believing in his power and sovereignty.
  • And our weapon is the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, which always defeats Satan.


Now, if you regularly and faithfully put on that armor—by faith—and learn more and more exactly how to do that, you are going to be totally prepared for your enemy. James tells us to “resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). This means we are to stand up to him and boldly tell him he has no authority over us and we are not afraid of him. He will flee.

Dear friends, let’s make it our ambition to frustrate the enemy and give him a few headaches for a change. Let me repeat what I’ve shared about how we can give Satan a bad day: Know the Word of God; be steadfast and faithful; have a joyful spirit; praise God continuously; and put on the armor daily and resist the enemy.

Let’s hit the road each day and cause the enemy problems because we are praising, joyful people, filled with God’s Word and wearing his armor! Satan doesn’t have a chance when you do that—and I believe every morning when you wake up he’ll say, “Oh, no, she’s awake!”