As we conclude this latest episode of Fran and Jesus today, Fran has found herself counseling a new friend, Cynthia, at their church’s retreat. Cynthia’s husband walked off and left her a few years ago, and that loneliness has driven Cynthia to have an affair with a married man. She confesses this to Fran, knowing it’s wrong, but now is fearful that she may be pregnant. She even indicated that if she is, she would consider an abortion.

Fran thinks a moment then says to her, “Please, Cynthia, don’t let anything cause you to commit another sin on top of the adultery. You would be killing your child if you have an abortion,” Fran pleads.

“Well, not everyone believes. . .” Cynthia tries to justify herself. But she can’t keep it up. “Oh, Fran, I know that. . .don’t you think I know that? But what am I going to do with his baby?”

“Cynthia, let’s take it one step at a time. First, break the relationship, find out if you are pregnant, and then after you’ve crossed that bridge, we’ll consider your options if you are pregnant,” Fran says.

They talk for a couple of hours, missing lunch, but Fran gets Cynthia to agree to breaking off the relationship, changing her phone number, and refusing to speak with this man.

Fran says, “When you’re feeling weak—like you can’t stand not to talk to him or see him—please call me, any time of the day or night. Call me first. I’ll help you. I’ll pray with you,” Fran assures her.

So they establish an accountability plan. Cynthia promises to take a pregnancy test first thing when she gets back home and let Fran know the results.

“Oh, I hope I’m not pregnant,” she cries.

“If you are, Cynthia, you will have to live with the consequences of your wrong choices and your sin, but God can turn this into something really wonderful,” Fran assures her. “There’s a woman at church who has a grown son now, born out of wedlock, but she raised him to become a strong Christian and he is a blessing in our church. Whether you choose to raise your child or let some couple adopt that child, you can be a part of that wonderful miracle of producing a life that God can use.”

Cynthia has some very difficult days ahead of her, but if she will follow Fran’s advice and make herself accountable, if she will begin a daily diet of Bible study and prayer and get back in close relationship to the Lord, she can watch a miracle in her own life as God again does what he is so good at doing—turning our deserts into gardens and our ashes into beauty.