The Bible teaches us to speak the truth in love, but that’s not always easy to do, is it? Fran finds herself counseling a woman she has just met at their church’s women’s retreat. This woman, Cynthia, seemed very troubled, and as Fran talked privately with her, she confessed that she has been having an affair with a married man. Fran advised Cynthia to immediately and completely sever the relationship.

Now, Cynthia looks at Fran and says, “But I think I may be pregnant with his baby.” It feels as though the floor has dropped out from under her as Fran thinks how to respond.

“Keep sticking with the truth, Fran,” Jesus whispers to her. “This doesn’t change the advice you gave her.”

Fran puts her arm around Cynthia and holds her for a minute.

Then she says, “Cynthia, this may seem cruel, but the fact that you may be pregnant doesn’t change your course of action. He is a married man and there is no possibility that he will marry you. You must break this relationship once and for all.”

“But,” Cynthia says, “I think if he knows I’m pregnant, he might divorce his wife and marry me.”

“Cynthia, that would be heaping one bad decision on top of another,” Fran says with emphasis. “Do he and his wife have children?”

“Yes, two boys,” Cynthia adds, “but they don’t have a good marriage.”

“Oh, Cynthia, you can’t go there. Even suggesting that he break up another marriage to marry you—that is wrong and you’ll never forgive yourself if you do that,” Fran advises.

“But it’s his baby and he got me pregnant. . . if I am pregnant,” Cynthia adds.

“Wait a minute Cynthia, what about the role you played in this affair?” Fran asks. “Did he rape you?”

“No,” Cynthia replies quietly.

“You were a willing participant, Cynthia. You’ve got to take responsibility and refuse to make more wrong decisions and choices,” Fran tells her. “It’s time you did the right thing and make the best you can out of this mess. Besides, you don’t even know for sure that you’re pregnant.”

“No, I’m afraid to find out,” Cynthia says. “What will I do with a baby?”

“There are several good alternatives. I promise we’ll help you, if you’ll just do the right thing,” Fran says.

Do you think Fran is giving Cynthia good advice?