We’ve left Fran at lunch with Joyce, an assistant in her department, who is a single mom like Fran. Jesus has asked Fran to pray for Joyce and try to get to know her.

As they eat lunch, Joyce pours out her story of her ex-husband’s negligence in paying child support and the day care center’s threats to refuse to take her son because Joyce is behind in her payments.

As Joyce brushes away tears, Fran says to her, “Oh, Joyce, I understand; there’s nothing more important than your son and his care while you work. How much money do you owe the day care center?”

“I’m behind about $400. And Fran, I just don’t have any money,” Joyce replies.

“What about your family?” Fran asks, “Can they help you?”

“Family? Are you kiddin’? My family…” her voice trails off. It’s too painful for her to even talk about.

An idea occurs to Fan and she says, “Look, Joyce, our church has a fund to help people who are in financial trouble. As a member, I can request help for you. Would it be okay if I request that they help you pay what you owe the day care center?”

Joyce looks at Fran in bewilderment. “You’d do that for me? But why?”

“Why? Just because you need help, and I want to help you. I’d pay it myself if I could, but my funds are a little tight, too. Now, I can’t guarantee they’ll do it, but at least I can ask. Okay?”

“Yeah, okay…” Joyce puts her head in her hands and sobs quietly.

Fran reaches across the table and takes her hand. “You know, Joyce, it’s not an accident that I invited you to lunch today, is it? I believe it’s God’s way of showing you he loves you and is going to take care of you.”

Joyce looks up. “I’m not sure I even believe there is a God, Fran, but I appreciate your help. Sorry I’m so emotional; it’s just that….well, I’ve been so worried about Toby. You’ve at least given me some hope.”

Back at the office, Fran makes a call to the church and gets the ball rolling. She says to Jesus, “Lord, I can’t believe how my feelings about Joyce have changed in a short 24 hours. Thank you so much for helping me see her the way you do. I hope I can help her.”

Jesus says, “You have already. And I think you’ve learned some valuable lessons too, right Fran?”

“Right, Lord,” she answers.

Are there are some people in your life that you need to look at through God’s eyes? It changes everything!