Money problems are crisis points for most of us, aren’t they? Fran is learning how money problems affect every part of her life. Jesus has just reminded her that she has a choice—either to trust him or to panic.

Fran mulls that over in her mind. “It’s my choice, you say? Either I can continue to act and react like I’ve done today, or I can refuse to get upset and pray more about it and trust you. But when I feel that panic set in, I just can’t avoid it,” Fran tells Jesus.

“Feeling the panic doesn’t mean you’re not trusting me,” Jesus says. “But at that point of panic, you must make a choice either to continue in panic mode or to trust me. Remember, if you go by your feelings, you’ll often be in trouble. In spite of the panic feelings, you can trust me, even in the midst of them.”

“It brings to mind that verse I learned when I was a kid in Sunday School: ‘When I am afraid, I put my trust in you” (Psalm 56:3). Fran says. “David said, ‘I will trust in you.’ Guess that’s what you mean when you say I have to make a choice, huh?”

“Yes, Fran,” Jesus says, “regardless of your feelings, if you will set your will to trust in me, you’ll discover that the fears subside. And when the fears subside, then you can think correctly, hear my voice, and know what to do. But when fear takes over, trust goes out the window and you’re going to find yourself doing and saying all kinds of things you wish you hadn’t.”

“Wow, that sure happened to me today,” Fran says, as she re-thinks her day. “I blew up at everybody. I was out of control.” Fran spends a little more time reading her Bible and talking with Jesus, and then goes to bed with a quiet spirit.

The next day her talk with Uncle George encourages her. He explained she has some options she’d never thought about. She could refinance her home at a lower interest rate and cut her payments by almost $150 a month.

He also pointed out that she could claim another deduction on her income tax and have an extra $40 to $50 in her paycheck, instead of getting a refund check each year. He also gave her the name of a friend in real estate who could give her some good advice on selling her house.

As Fran drove home, she said to Jesus, “I do have some options, don’t I, Lord? Thanks for putting Uncle George in my life to help me. Now I just need to know what is the best thing to do.”

“Well, Fran, keep praying for wisdom and seeking good advice,” Jesus reminds her.

“And keep cutting back on costs, right?” Fran smiles.

I think God deals with all of us through money. If that’s where you are now, learn to trust God, not money. Determine that you will seek good advice and be a good steward, but you will not live in fear of the lack of money. As Jesus pointed out to Fran, this is one area where many of us have great difficulty really trusting God. He has promised to supply all our needs, and he never fails!