When you’re having money problems, it can cause all kinds of other problems, can’t it? Fran is struggling with too little money and too many bills. She’s thinking of selling her home and has just told Drew they might have to move. Unfortunately, she said it in anger and haste.

“Move to another house? Mom, we can’t leave this house. Mom. . .” Drew looks at Fran with fear in his eyes and tears start to roll down his cheeks. She is ashamed at how she has upset him unnecessarily.

She releases her grip on his shoulders, takes his hand, and leads him to the sofa. “Oh, Drew, I’m sorry I yelled at you,” she says, as she takes him in her arms. He cries freely.

“Mom, I don’t want to move. This is our home. Mom, where are we going to move?” Drew’s fears and anxiety pour out.

Hugging him close, Fran says, “Drew, I don’t know where we’ll move. But I don’t make as much money as your Dad did, Drew, and I can’t afford this house.”

“Please Mom, please, don’t sell the house, please,” Drew begs, as Fran holds him, unable to answer because of the tears in her own eyes.

Later in the evening she calls her mom and talks about selling the house. Her mom suggests she talk to her Uncle George who is an officer at a local bank. Fran dials George’s number, and explains her predicament to him. He assures her he’ll be glad to talk with her and they plan to meet at his office tomorrow.

Fran feels relieved as she hangs up. Somehow it helps just to have someone to talk to who knows about finances and stuff.

“I’m glad you called George,” Jesus says to her quietly.

“Oh, Jesus,” Fran says rather sheepishly, Well, yeah, it was my Mom’s suggestion. . .” She pauses. “Actually, it was your suggestion, wasn’t it? Yesterday you told me to seek advice. Did you see what I did to poor Drew tonight? I really dumped all my frustration on that kid,” Fran confesses.

“Yes, I was hoping you would talk with me about it first,” Jesus answers. “If you had talked to me, I don’t think you would have dumped on Drew.”

“I’m sure you’re right, Lord. I’m sorry,” Fran says.

“Well, Fran, money has power. And it is one of the most difficult areas for my children to learn to trust me,” Jesus says. “Remember this, Fran: Money problems are either going to cause you to be worried and frantic, or they are going to cause you to learn to trust me more. It’s your choice.”

All of us have that choice to make, don’t we?