In our on-going story of Fran, we’ve been exploring the topic of clinical depression. Fran has encouraged her good friend, Louise, to seek medical help for her depressed state of mind, and Louise is now beginning to take a prescribed drug to see if indeed it will help her to emerge from this depression.

The next day Fran is talking with her doctor friend at church, Anne. “I sure hope this helps Louise,” she says. “But what if it doesn’t?”

“Well, Fran, if Louise has other issues, such as sin in her life, medication won’t fix it. But you indicated that you don’t know of any existing problem like that, so it could be that this medication can help her get herself back, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, that would be wonderful,” Fran says.

“But remember, sometimes the doctors have to try several different kinds of medication before they find the right one,” Anne reminds her.

“Yes, that’s what Dr. Monroe warned us about yesterday,” Fran says. “She highly recommended that Louise go for some counseling as well. I think that bothered Louise. What do you think?”

“Well, rarely are these depressions caused solely by physical reasons. It’s usually a combination of stress, perfectionism, or workaholism along with a chemical imbalance,” Anne informs her. “So, I would concur that Louise should see a Christian counselor, at least to make sure she’s not living in denial about other areas which could be contributing to her problem.”

“I’m going to encourage her to do that,” Fran says. “I’m also going to encourage her to spend even more time in the Bible and prayer. She says that it has been very difficult to read her Bible or pray since this depression hit her.”

“That’s a typical reaction, Fran, and I’m sure the enemy of our soul moves in at times like these to make matters worse,” Anne says.

“Well, I’m going to pray for her more, and pray with her more. At least I can do that for her, while she’s finding it difficult to pray herself,” Fran says.

With a good friend like Fran, Louise will have the support she needs to help her recover from this depression. All of us need to be more sensitive and aware of the needs of others who may be going through something like this. It’s a time to gather around that person and help them, not abandon them.