If we could see things and people the way God sees them, what a difference it would make in our lives. We’re learning how to have Forever Eyes as we look at typical situations from an eternal viewpoint.

Consider this hypothetical situation: You’re a single working mom, with two young children—one preschooler and one second grader. Your life is not easy, but you’ve been managing to keep the family going, with God’s help, and your children seem to be doing fine.

Your boss calls you in and says, “We’re very pleased with your work, and we’d like to offer you a promotion as Manager of the Department.” Obviously you’re flattered, but the salary increase is really what attracts you. Another $400 a month would really help.

But you know what the job demands—lots of overtime. It’s expected in this job that you will work ten-hour days as a regular routine, and frequently some weekend time as well. But it’s your first opportunity to move into management, and you so want to take it. Besides, you need the money.

Before you make a decision, put on your Forever Eyes. Look at the invisible things. Money, promotion, prestige—those are visible things, but what are the invisible things here? Time with your children—time to shape their lives the way God wants you to. Your Forever Eyes will allow you to see into the future, to see what could happen to your children without that consistent influence you have in their lives.

Forever Eyes will help you to see that time invested in your children is an eternal investment and, even though the extra money would be nice, you can get along without it. Forever Eyes will help you keep from feeling sorry for yourself when you have to make that kind of sacrifice. Forever Eyes will give you the perspective you need to make that decision.

Remember this: all the people around you are not wearing Forever Eyes, so they won’t see things the way you do. Don’t be surprised to discover that your Forever Eyes may not be appreciated by others.