Looking through Forever Eyes to see the invisible things all around us—that’s what I’m exploring. Pretend you have a pair of glasses there beside you which, when worn, give you Forever Eyes and allow you to see these invisible things. Be ready to put those special glasses on.

Here’s a hypothetical situation: You work closely with five other people and everyone gets along pretty well, except for Joan, whose desk is right next to yours. Joan is not so easy to get along with. She talks all the time and doesn’t have a whole lot to say—if you know what I mean. She’s loud, she grumbles and complains a lot, she spends time doing personal things and goofing off, so you must do some of her workload. Joan is no picnic.

In order to tolerate Joan, you’ve just started ignoring her. You grumble about all the irritating things she does, feeling sorry for yourself and misused, and you’ve finally come to the place that you just don’t speak to her unless you absolutely have to. Of course, everyone else treats Joan that way, or worse, so you know it’s not your problem.

Now suppose that the next time you go to work, you take those glasses with you and look at Joan through Forever Eyes. What would you see? You would see invisible things like her soul. That soul is going to live forever; it is eternal. You might also see a broken heart. With Joan’s aggressive behavior, you probably never realized that underneath was a broken heart. It takes Forever Eyes to see broken hearts. Wonder why Joan’s heart is so broken and painful? Ever tried to find out? Ever take her to lunch and just let her talk to you?

If you started looking at Joan through Forever Eyes, how would it change your behavior? I want to challenge you to wear Forever Eyes when you run into that person you just don’t like at all—the “Joans” in your life. As soon as you feel the irritation start to rise, stop and say to yourself, “Wait a minute, let me get my glasses out here and put on my Forever Eyes.”

Jesus wants to demonstrate his love for your Joans through you. Forever Eyes give you that ability; without them you’ll just keep seeing the temporary things—her poor behavior, her irritating habits, and her loud mouth. But God wants you to see the unseen things about your Joans.