Is your faith child-like or childish? Let’s enumerate some child-like traits that are so appealing:

Child-like Trust: Children are naturally trusting. They believe you when you make a promise to them.

Child-like Innocence: Children will believe in things that adults find foolish. They have no difficulty believing in miracles. They have not become cynical or double-minded but, in their innocence, they believe fully and without hesitation.

Child-like Acceptance: If you offer a child a gift, they gladly and quickly accept it with great enthusiasm and joy.

Child-like Thankfulness: Children have no problem giving thanks for the ordinary things of life. Their prayers are full of thankfulness for dogs, clouds, their friend next door, and new shoes.

Child-like Lack of Concern: You won’t find many children worrying about the future. For the most part, they live in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest. They don’t borrow trouble from tomorrow.

Examine your own walk with the Lord and ask yourself if you are child-like.

  • Do you trust the Lord, regardless of what your eyes and ears may tell you? Have you learned to turn your doubts and unanswered questions over to him and simply trust? Maybe you have mistakenly thought that God was like your earthly father who was not trustworthy, or some other authority figure in your life who has failed you.
  • Is your faith an innocent one, taking Jesus at his Word? Or are you too worldly-wise and sophisticated to believe Jesus?
  • Can you accept the gifts God gives you with a thankful heart and great joy, knowing that it comes from the Father’s heart? Or do you try to repay God—to perform in order to gain his approval and his blessings?
  • Are you aware each day of the daily blessings of your life? Do you live in daily thankfulness because of your daily blessings, or do you take them for granted?
  • Can you in child-like faith let go of your worries about tomorrow and cast all your care upon the Lord? Or do you carry that heavy burden around with you all the time?