Attitude Checkup Form

Jul 7, 2013

Attitudes are contagious. Would anyone want to catch yours? Analyze how you are doing in the attitude department with this attitude checkup form.

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Spiritual Inventory

Jun 19, 2013

Here is a simple guide for spiritual weekly inventory for you to use if you are really serious about getting your priorities in line, about spending serious time getting to know God, about weeding out the unimportant things on your list of priorities and putting God’s Word and prayer at the top of your list, then  my guide for a weekly spiritual inventory.

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Love God and Love Others

Nov 21, 2012

Jesus said that our two top priorities in life are to Love God and Love Others.  We made a little card to remind you of this.  Please keep one for yourself and share the other.

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Christians Are Like Pumpkins Booklet

Oct 18, 2012

Being A Christian Is Like Being A Pumpkin is a simple illustration on becoming saved that will be meaningful to you and it is our hope that you will share this with others.  It is effective for almost all ages and we encourage you to print this off and pass it on.

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The Seven R’s Bookmark

Oct 4, 2012

Are you in need of some rest today? Are you tired of trying to fight your own battles? Are you weary of losing them? Maybe it’s time you followed Jehoshaphat’s example and release the problem to God, and let him fight the battle for you. You do have to show up; you do have to obey; you do have to march to the battlefield. But you don’t have to fight. It’s God’s fight, not yours. But first you must let go and give him control.  We have prepared a Bookmark with the 7 R’s to help you with What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do.  ...

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