Wisdom for the Workplace Cards

Jun 30, 2014

Here’s a set of cards for you to print with nuggets of wisdom which you can take to your job, use for yourself, or even give to others as an encouraging word. Print as two-sided document and cut on line for individual cards. For best results use lightweight cardstock. (may take a few minutes to load in)        

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Your New Name

Oct 21, 2013

Sometimes we need a new name.  God changed the names of some significant people in the Bible:  Abram and Saul and Jacob and Simon, to name a few.  He changed their names because he was setting them in a new direction, changing more than their names.  He was changing their attitudes, their priorities, and their characters.  And you know, God probably wants to change our names sometimes, too. Please download the Your New Name sheet to help you remember God’s promises.  Please print it front to back and cut it along the lines so you can memorize the scripture verses easily....

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Attitude Checkup Form

Jul 7, 2013

Attitudes are contagious. Would anyone want to catch yours? Analyze how you are doing in the attitude department with this attitude checkup form.

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Spiritual Inventory

Jun 19, 2013

Here is a simple guide for spiritual weekly inventory for you to use if you are really serious about getting your priorities in line, about spending serious time getting to know God, about weeding out the unimportant things on your list of priorities and putting God’s Word and prayer at the top of your list, then  my guide for a weekly spiritual inventory.

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Love God and Love Others

Nov 21, 2012

Jesus said that our two top priorities in life are to Love God and Love Others.  We made a little card to remind you of this.  Please keep one for yourself and share the other.

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