The Tator Family Booklet

Nov 3, 2010

As Christians in a world that watches us closely, we need to be certain that our lives demonstrate the qualities of our Savior, so that those who are searching can be led to the abundant life we have found in Christ.  Our hope is that this handout will be a good reminder of verses you can refer to when you may be struggling with similar issues that the Tator family has gone...

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Anger: Right or Wrong? Memory Verse Cards

Oct 20, 2010

We all get angry. Jesus got angry. God gets angry. Is anger ever justified? When is it right and when is it wrong?  We hope that these Stop Sign cards with memory verses will help you answer these questions.

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Putting Procrastination Behind You

Oct 14, 2010

This sign was made to encourage you to stop procrastinating and to remind you that you are working for the Lord not men.

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How to Keep Your Job

Jul 6, 2010

How does a Christian manage her career in today’s competitive market? You need direction that not only gives security and success, but more importantly, you want to make certain you are moving in the center of God’s will for you and your career. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know that you have a career path plan that will see you through the rough times? How To Keep Your Job Kit includes tools to help you evaluate your attitude and put a plan in place to keep it positive. It offers instruction that will help you walk through turbulent times in the...

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The Job of Job Hunting

Jul 6, 2010

Most companies no longer provide a stable pension plan or guarantee “permanent employment.” Gone are the days of working 30+ years at one organization. Discover how to master your career in today’s work world by understanding the job market and developing your own “brand.” The Christian Working Woman has collaborated with Julie Bechtold to provide The Job of Job Hunting materials. We thank her for allowing us to distribute this...

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