I really need you to pray for me. The pass two weeks have been rough for me. I have been an emotional mess, no matter how much I pray or friends or family pray for/with me. I am turning 35 this month, and I really thought I would be married with children or even have a successful relationship. I have fasted, prayed and sowed seeds and still nothing. I just want to be a real WOG (woman of God). I am tired of hearing, “Next year is your year!”, or other cliches. I have a prophet and prophetess who prophecies to me about a certain man — but it’s been 5 years and nothing. I am tired of being alone. I know I can take myself on dates but I want to be loved, respected, and treated like a queen. It is so hard to stand in the gap, pray, and fast for other people and see their desires being manifested. I know God’s time is not my time but it is hard to cry out in this one area and see nothing happen.