Can you help a single mom from Houston?

Mayra is a hard working single mom who lives in Houston.  She has an elementary age daughter named Clarissa.  During the flooding following Harvey, she lost the contents of the room she was renting.  She also lost her vehicle. The married couple she was renting from has been forced to look for new housing.

Mayra has applied for an apartment closer to her daughters school, however she doesn’t make enough money for the complex to immediately approve the application. She can afford the rent, but the apartment complex is hesitant because of the medical expenses incurred during her daughter’s recent back surgery. The apartment manager is trying to find a way to get her approved by waiving the medical debt.

In the meantime Mayra and Clarissa are staying with another single mom from their church. This situation is a temporary solution as both of these women’s’ children have medical issues as well and the added folks in their small space are putting a squeeze on daily living.

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