September 2017      

Dear Friend,

There’s an old proverb that seems to have its origin in Africa, and that is:  Many hands make light work.  Another similar African proverb says that Two ants do not fail to pull a grasshopper.  I love that image of two tiny ants dragging a big grasshopper because they work together.

After many missions trips to Africa, I can testify that the African culture is all about depending on each other and working together in unity to accomplish their goals.

As I was considering our mission here and the support we need to fulfill our calling, it dawned on me that we could use a little African unity this month!  So, I’ve enclosed a stamped return envelope and I’m praying that each person who receives this letter will be willing to lend a hand to make our load light.

Here’s my requestWould you please make a donation today—maybe $5 or $10—by clicking hereThis would be over and above your normal monthly support.  If everyone would do that, the load would be light!  Your many hands together would meet our immediate need, and what looks like a large mountain will be quickly and easily conquered!

Recently a listener wrote to thank us for my message on Pockets of Fear.  She said:

“This message was right on time because I have been overwhelmed by a difficult situation that had me in abject and all-consuming fear over the past few weeks.  Your study was just the help and guidance I so desperately needed.  God has worked through your ministry many, many times in my life and I am deeply grateful for you.”

And I am deeply grateful for the many people who continue to make it possible for us to offer biblical help and guidance.  Will you once again please help us this month?  If everyone responds to this simple and easy request, the heavy load will be made light.  Just as Moses needed people to hold his hands up for God’s deliverance, so we need your hands this month to see our need met through God’s people.

Thank you in advance!

Grace and peace,

Mary Lowman


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