September 2018

Dear Friends,

This summer we introduced “Summer Sessions with Mary,” three weeks of video teaching on three separate topics that we made available on our website, along with additional material that could be downloaded. It was a new venture for us, and we are so very encouraged by the response.  The depth and impact of these summer sessions is amazing.

To date, the videos have been viewed 2,750 times in more than 20 countries worldwide including: United States, Canada, Colombia, Guam, Cayman Islands, Argentina, United Kingdom, Philippines, Austria, Australia, Singapore, Kenya, Turks and Caicos Islands, South Africa, Suriname, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Germany, Finland and Bermuda.

It shows how video has become a primary way to reach and teach people, and so by God’s grace, we want to build on this summer’s success and experience. We are currently investigating and planning how to offer more teaching using on-line video and soon we’ll make other teaching available through this media.

Of course, producing something new like this means we incur new expenses. I’d love to be able to offer this teaching at no-cost, but the facts are, it does cost.

So why am I telling you this? Because we really need some faithful friends to “step up” their support so that we can expand our outreach for God’s glory. With all the many ways we can reach people electronically, I believe it is wise to take it “to the next level,” as we say, using new avenues of ministry that will effectively reach many more.

You’ve helped us to be where we are today, with 34 years of faithful ministry. I’m praying you will be able to increase your giving to The Christian Working Woman, and make it a recurring monthly contribution we can count on, if you’re not already doing that.

This email from Donna in Georgia is a good testimony to why we do what we do and why it’s important to expand:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being obedient with this ministry. It has been a blessing

to me for several years. I love your books, radio broadcast and daily emails. I pray that this ministry will

go on for many more years to come!!

Please help us “go on for many more years to come,” and pray that God will guide us as we expand our outreach through new avenues.

Totally grateful,

Mary Lowman

PS:  If you missed any of the Summer Sessions, they are available here.


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