May 2018      

Dear Friend,

I’ve been reading a book by Jerry Bridges, Transforming Grace, and I am coming to a new understanding of, and a deeper appreciation for, God’s grace.  It’s truly amazing!

Second Peter 3:18 is a familiar verse that I’ve quoted and included in many messages:

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I saw this verse as encouraging us to grow up in Christ, become more mature in our faith, develop Christ-like characteristics—and certainly there’s nothing wrong with that interpretation.  But now as I reconsider it, I think it’s telling us to grow in our understanding of God’s incredible grace.  And I see that my understanding of God’s grace has been pretty shallow.

When I try to plumb the depths of God’s grace, my mind just blows a fuse!  There’s no rational explanation why the God of the Universe would actually pursue a relationship with me and then shower me day to day with blessing upon blessing!

I’m sending you a quote from Lee Strobel, which makes a really good effort at putting into words the wonder of God’s grace to us.  I thought it would encourage you, so I hope you’ll put it in a place where you’ll see it often and be reminded that the God of heaven and earth has placed his love on you and given you abundant, amazing grace.

I would also encourage you to intentionally seek to “grow in the grace” of our Lord and Savior—ask God to give you at least a tiny glimpse of just how amazing his grace is.  It will bless you immensely.

Thanks for the grace you’ve shown us in supporting our ministry.  We keep going month to month, year to year—now almost 34 years—because people like you support us.  I’m so very grateful.

Grace to you!

Mary Lowman

PS:  I hope you are in the good habit of reading books that inspire you.  My books are practical and easy to read.  Check them out at


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