February 2017

Dear Friend,

Did you know that 150 million Valentine’s Day Cards are exchanged each year—the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas? I remember the ritual we went through in grammar school, where many cards were exchanged and it was always a major thrill if you got a valentine from the cutest boy in the class!

Valentine’s gives us a good opportunity to share some love with people. Love, after all, is what Jesus said was the most important thing: Love God, love people! Imagine with me if every true Christ-follower determined to become very intentional about sharing love during this month of February. I believe it would have a dramatic impact where we work, in our homes, in our churches and with all the people in our lives.

So, we’ve designed some cards that you can use to share the love of Jesus this month. There are ten cards enclosed here, all reminding us that Love Never Fails, with an appropriate Bible verse on the reverse side.  Here’s what I’m challenging you—and me—to do. By the end of February distribute all ten cards to people in your life, and specifically to people you would not normally send or give a Valentine’s card. Even to strangers—i.e., the clerk in the store, the person who delivers your mail or packages, the waiter at the restaurant, etc.

If all of us did this, there would be thousands of cards distributed, and thousands of people would know something about the love of Jesus, coming through you to them. It’s easy; it doesn’t cost you anything; it will be gratefully received, and you will be blessed as you bless others.

I was blessed by a recent note from one of our friends. She said:

Last year you sent out a Bible Reading Plan. Thank you! For the first time in my life, I stuck with my goal to read the Bible through—because your plan worked for me. What a blessing this experience has been for me!

Nothing is more gratifying than helping someone enrich their life through reading the Bible regularly. It is our love letter from God, and we can read it every day of the year!

I’d be very grateful if you could send some “love” our way this month. It is the support of people like you who make this ministry possible, and we could really use your help at this time.


Mary Lowman


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