August 2017

Dear Friend,

Why do you go to Africa?

That’s a question I’m often asked.  I’ve made at least twenty missions trips to Africa over the past couple of decades, and I’m returning again in September. But why?  I’m returning again because I see how God has used my practical Bible teaching to truly disciple and encourage the women in Africa.  It is the kind of teaching that is not often available to them, and they really appreciate the clear guidance on how to put God’s principles into practice in their lives.

I will be ministering in women’s conferences in Rwanda, and these women have known tragedy and heartbreak at a level you and I can never fully understand.  Every woman there has a story—like Seraphina, who witnessed her husband and son murdered in front of her eyes and lived in hiding and fear for months during the genocide of 1994.  When I first met her, she was so traumatized that she had not spoken for a couple of years.  But she came to our conferences and heard truth that began to set her free.  Like so many other women in Rwanda, she is strong and resilient and by the grace of God, she is going forward with her two remaining children.

And then in Kenya I will speak to the leadership of the Tabitha Bible Study ministry (—a ministry of over 250 Bible study groups scattered in the tea hills around Bomet.  I’ve watched them grow from one Bible study group to this incredibly effective ministry, reaching more than 2000 women each week, and it is changing lives and homes and churches in Kenya.  What a joy to once again encourage and equip these pioneer women who are building their lives on God’s Word.

That’s why I go again to AfricaAnd you can go with me, through prayer and support.  I want to cover some if not all of the costs for the conferences so it’s not an extra burden on the churches, and give the women some materials to minister to them after I leave. So, I need your help to cover these costs.  I’ve included my itinerary in hopes that you’ll remember to pray for me each day I’m there.

Would you reach out to these dear women through your support and prayers?  I will be sure to tell them that it comes from their sisters—and brothers—in America, and they will be very blessed to hear that.  It means so much to them.

Thank you for your support during these lean summer months.  I thank God for every dollar he supplies through friends like you.

Grace and peace,

Mary Lowman


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