This is program number 7945. For 7945 days, or almost 1600 weeks, I’ve been writing these daily devotionals. These milestones cause me to stop and think about God’s goodness to allow me this privilege all these years.

Milestones should also cause us to stop and measure our progress. As we’ve been examining how to measure our spiritual maturity, I can’t help but ask myself at this program marker, “Have I grown as a Christian over these many years, as I should have?” Does Jesus say to me, “You’re big for your age, Mary,” meaning I’ve pressed on, learned, and grown up in Christ? Or does he say, “You’re not where you should be after all these years”?

Dear friends, it is so important that we regularly and sincerely take stock of our spiritual progress and make sure we’re doing the things we should be doing so that we are growing up in Christ—not remaining babies, not mired down in the past, and not making the same mistakes we’ve always made. Here are some questions to ask ourselves to measure our spiritual maturity, based on what we’ve learned here:

  • Is your tongue more under control today than it was a year ago or two years ago? Do you think before you speak, choose your words carefully, and just simply stop talking so much?
  • Are you motivated to serve Christ out of a pure heart, just to please him? Or are you trying to please people and gain their approval?
  • Do you love God’s Word more than you used to? Are you spending more time studying it? Is it more and more the true bread of your life? Do you ever memorize some of it?
  • Are you allowing your past to keep you from growing up in Christ? Are you living in bitterness or regret, which keeps you from pressing forward for the good things God has for you?
  • And most importantly, are you loving Jesus more and more with each passing day? Do you frequently and fervently thank him for what he has done for you? Does it break your heart to think that you have broken his heart through disobedience?

I urge you to measure your maturity. Ask God to show you where your growth is stunted, and then do the things you need to do to grow up in Christ. That is where the abundant life is! That is where you will regain the joy of your salvation and know the peace that passes understanding.