Are you looking for a relationship that will fulfill you and give you everything you ever wanted?  At some point in our lives many of us have an idea that if we just can find that perfect relationship, we’ll be on solid ground. I know, because I spent many years of my own life desperately searching for someone to make me happy. But I discovered, after ten long years, that I was on a slippery slope which was taking me down a path of disobedience and misery.

Building our lives on an earthly relationship or the pursuit of that perfect relationship is quicksand. Why? Because relationships are subject to change. Even good relationships can change through death or other uncontrollable variables. It’s wonderful that God has given us close and loving relationships; I certainly treasure the friends and family in my life who form my support team. And now, for the past eighteen months, I’ve been blessed to have a godly husband with whom to share my life. But none are guaranteed to be here for me tomorrow.

Many single people are fooled by this quicksand of the perfect relationship, and they spend too much of their lives waiting, hoping, and praying for that perfect mate. Certainly there is nothing wrong with wanting and praying for a partner; God created men and women for each other. But building on an earthly relationship is like building on quicksand; it is subject to lots of uncertainty and disappointment.

However, there is one relationship that we can build on without any fear, and that is, of course, the Rock, Jesus Christ. He loves us unconditionally and always will. He can guarantee us that he will never leave us or forsake us. He never changes, so we can be certain he’ll love us tomorrow, next year, and even twenty years from now, regardless of how we may change.

Thus, instead of looking for an earthly relationship to meet your needs, start building a firm relationship with Jesus. He is the Rock, and when you stand firm on him, every other relationship in your life will greatly improve.